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The large animal working facility includes multiple-client unloading capabilities for various truck sizes including semi-trailers, pickups, and livestock trucks and trailers.


Our indoor working area is both heated/air-conditioned and equipped with a hydraulic-tilt chute and an in-

the-alley electronic scale located pre-chute.


Our routine cow/calf processing procedures are pregnancy testing both palpation and ultra sound, vaccinations, parasite treatments both internal and external, aging cattle, tattooing, ear tagging, implanting, castration, banding and dehorning.


The hydraulic-tilt chute is used daily for bovine lameness exams and hoof care.  Hoof trimming,  bandaging and foot blocks to protect the sore claw are our common treatments.  The tilt-lift chute is also used for bovine castration and banding so that the veterinarian does not have to get behind the animal or have an assistant hold the tail; the chute holds the calf and the near leg back and out of the way, with access to the scrotum from in front of the flank of the calf. 

The holding pens can handle up to approximately 200 head of livestock with swinging gates and alleys designed for safety. The pen system allows for easy access and sorting capabilities, with 7 foot tall corrals, 5 tubs for crowding and 9 total pens.

We also offer farm calls for sick animals and treatments.

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